Holiday Gift Guide for Men

If you’ve got a man in your life, you may be wondering what to get them this Holiday season. For years, we’ve been gifting wallets and belts, but that has to change. Men deserve something more than the same thing every year (Well, except slippers. We should totally gift a new pair of slippers every year.)

There are so many options out there, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed. I sorted through Amazon all season long (and through Black Friday and cyber Monday weekend) to find some of the top gifts being shared and purchased so far this year.

Ten Holiday Gifts for the Men in Your Life

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Meta Quest 2

The gamers in your life may not have asked for the ultimate VR experience, but they probably want it. There are multiple options, depending on what your gamer guy needs- the headset only, or multiple bundles.


Memory Foam Slippers

Everyone needs a pair of slippers for the holidays. They’re a winter essential! These clog slippers have a thick rubber sole, so he can run to the gas station without worry. They’re available in a dozen colors! If he likes these slippers, you could buy him a new pair each year.


Car Trash Can

Listen- you could put a recycled grocery bag in the floorboard of the passengers side, and use that for trash. But this is better. There’s three different sizes, and nearly twenty colors and patterns (not just neutral man colors either- this trash can is great for everyone!)


Deluxe Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler

This lunch pack is great for keeping your man fueled, whether at work or out with the guys. It can store an entire day’s worth of food, or an entire six pack of… anything. This bag can be held by hand, or worn over their shoulder. There are five different color options.


Cocktail Smoker Kit

Last year I bought Ryan a smoker set for using with his whiskey drinks. It was one of the few items he actually wanted. It can smoke wine or whiskey, or even food like cheese (yum). The best part, if you have a mini blowtorch at home you could opt to skip the torch and just get the chips… though this torch is pretty awesome.


Whiskey Stones

While on the conversation of whiskey, these unique whiskey stones are perfect for the 2A lover in your life. This set has 6 bullet shaped. stainless steel whiskey stones (that can be used to cool any beverage, not just alcohol), perfect for any hunter, veteran, or firearm.


40 Oz Tumbler

This tumbler is legit half the price of the other brands. This should be in everyone’s stockings this year (there is a color for everyone). Try to drink at least one per day, or two if you’re busy.


Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

This mug is definitely an investment, and not for the casual coffee drinker. But if your man is working a desk job and constantly making trips to the break room to microwave his coffee (or brew up a new batch)… this might be the gift for him.


Long Sleeve Fitted Henley

I couldn’t resist adding this super stylish, yet simple enough for the simple man in your life, shirt. Henley’s take any outfit and make it elevated, without feeling stuffy. If he is the graphic tee and jeans kinda guy, give a Henley a try next time you’re looking to go somewhere a little nicer.


I hope this gift guide for the ladies in your life was helpful!


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