Do you ever struggle to put yourself in a box?

Sometimes I do.

Sometimes Renn is a collaborative effort to share all of the things that we sometimes enjoy. Sometimes we go on road trips. Sometimes we stay home. Sometimes we go out for brunch. Sometimes we pick up hobbies for a few weeks, then never touch them again. Sometimes we visit a new coffee shop or brewery. Sometimes we fall in love.

Sometimes Renn is the rebranded blog of SymonSaysSmile.

So who are we?

That’s me, Renn, in the hat. I’m a cat-lady, coffee drinking, captain of this blog ship.

Ryan is the handsome stud behind me. He’s a self-proclaimed washed up punk pop kid, and is almost always listening to true crime podcasts. Although he is active duty in the Navy, his goal in life is to prevent people from realizing he’s in the military just by looking at him. Ryan also makes a bomb dot com pizza from scratch. He prefers cold brew coffee, and locally brewed beers.

The little beauty with freckles is my sweet Sassy. She is absolutely brilliant, and incredibly artistic, but sometimes lets her logic get the best of her. She enjoys Minecraft, Roblox, and watching her favorite YouTube channels. Sassy is a sucker for sweet tea.