Come With Us: Norfolk Admirals Hockey Game

Last year, Ryan was a season passholder to the South Carolina stingrays team, which played in North Charleston. We haven’t quite bit the bullet yet for season passes to watch the admirals since we hadn’t even gone to see them play one single time since moving here. Well… now we have.

So come with us to an Admirals Hockey Game, in Norfolk Virginia.

Hockey is one of those sports where it’s more about the experience than the actual game. We enjoy watching the plays, of course. But the real energy comes from the crowd chanting, the inter-period events, and the mascot.

Salty the Admiral Dog definitely knows how to be a five star mascot.

We hadn’t been to an Admiral game since moving to Norfolk, and didn’t entirely know what to expect. We know the Stingray cheers. we know the best vendors for drinks. And we know how to get up on the jumbotron during Cotton-Eyed Joe. We didn’t even know if they were going to play the Cotton-Eyed Joe at an admirals game, which they didn’t.

The stadium is bigger, and the seats are nicer. instead of VIP booths between the first and second levels, they have floor level VIP seating areas. Since the stadium was bigger, admittedly, it looked emptier, but there was probably just as many fans, but spread out. This made crowd engagement slightly less than a Stingray game.

The event team did their best to keep the audience engaged between periods. They were quite a few different activities that we hadn’t seen before. My favorite was when the youth hockey players were invited onto the ice to play a mini pick-up match. This was so empowering and encouraging for the next generation of hockey players. Plus, the goalie on our side was a girl. #Goals. 

Check out the YouTube recap

Check out the YouTube video for more! Thanks for coming with us to an Admirals hockey game!


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