Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies

Let’s be honest… if you’re reading this, you’re probably a lady (because my audience is primarily women). But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve gifts! And for God’s sake, if they buy you a vacuumed cleaner, they’re sleeping on the snow bank.

Men: unless she asks you for a vacuum cleaner, with a link, do not buy her a vacuum cleaner! Or any cleaning supplies for that matter.

I sorted through the past few weeks of Amazon sales and supposed deals to find some of the best options for gifts to give her. This could be for your mom, sister, coworker… or maybe you should send this to your Man to give him some ideas.

Ten Holiday Gifts for the Ladies in Your Life

Impatient? Jump ahead to the full list over on my Amazon storefront HERE. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Furry House Slippers

Slippers are the only cliche gift that should be given every single year. We all need a pair of cozy house slippers that keep your toes warm inside, and can be worn outside for a quick errand.


Modern Fanny Pack

It took me a while to jump on this belt bag or hip pack trend, since I lived through the original Fanny pack era. But in totally here for it now. These Fanny packs come in 6 different colors (the retailer has fleece options too), and they can totally be personalized.


Makeup Brush Cleaner

You don’t actually have to know about makeup or makeup brushes to know that people who wear makeup need to clean those brushes.


Weekender Bag

Whether you’re a full time jetsetter, sometimes you go on work trips, or just weekend road trips… you need a bag. This one is it. There are two sizes and dozens of colors.


Password Logbook

I know what you’re saying… why would someone want a paper password book when your phone can save all your passwords anyway? I’ll tell you why- because your phone can, and will, mess it up. Data leaks are constantly telling me to change my password. Do I have a 1 or a 2 at the end? Did I use an exclamation point? Whenever I try to change my password it tells me I can’t use a previous password. Sooo obnoxious.


Remote Control Scroller

Initially I thought these were so silly, because they were being marketed as TikTok scrollers. If you can’t scroll TikTok, you have a problem (sorry not sorry). But then I saw it can also be used to turn the pages on a Kindle app, and now I need one. When I’m snuggled in bed like a burrito, I push as little bit out of the blankets as possible to “turn the page”. This would be awesome to turn the page while keeping my body entirely in my blanket burrito.


40 Oz Tumbler

This tumbler is legit half the price of the other brands. This should be in everyone’s stockings this year (there is a color for everyone). If she already has an emotional support water bottle, get her this one too. She can never get enough.


Custom Name Necklace

There are so many options for a custom name necklace- you could get her name, or you could get a special nickname. You could even get her kid’s name, or someone special to her. This necklace has multiple design options and can be made in both gold or silver color.


Cropped Half Zip Hoodie

Ladies are completely obsessing over the scuba inspired half zip pullover sweatshirts (at a fraction of the cost). There are quite a few similar options available (full zip, oversized, etc), and dozens of color choices.


I hope this gift guide for the ladies in your life was helpful!


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