When I was a kid, my mom would jokingly call my sister Ren 1, and I would be Ren 2. Why? Because both of our names end with the “ren” sound! As an adult, I took the nickname Ren 2 and decided to use it as my preferred nickname. Many people still call me something different, but sometimes… I go by Renn.

Sometimes Renn is a lifestyle blog sharing all things motherhood (and pregnancy), travel, and good eats. Come with us on weekend adventures as we wander the coast.

  • Birth Story
    Surprise! This isn’t an April Fools joke- Baby Girl, AJ, has been earthside for nearly a month now. Today would have been her due date, but instead we celebrating the month of joy she has already brought us. Ironically, she came on the day I was scheduled to go over my birth plan with the… Read more: Birth Story
  • Pregnancy Story: 30 Week Update
    We are officially two thirds of the way to the finish line! My bumpie this week was supposed to be something about being 30 weeks, with 20 thousand things left to do, and 10 weeks left to go. But instead I had to joke about playing catchup because I made last weeks board and never… Read more: Pregnancy Story: 30 Week Update
  • House Hunting: Things I’m Looking For
    We’re looking for a house! When we first moved to Norfolk, we had originally considered assuming a home of one of Ryan’s buddies. The friend was getting out of the Navy, and offered his home to us either at a super affordable rent or even the possibility of assuming his VA loan rate. It had… Read more: House Hunting: Things I’m Looking For