Pregnancy Journey: the 1-Hour Glucose Test with the Fresh Test

One of the worst parts about the third trimester is the testing process for gestational diabetes. When you’re pregnant, sometimes your pancreas is unable to keep up, causing diabetes, that usually goes away after the baby is born.

In order to test this, we are usually instructed to drink a standardized beverage with high amounts of glucose, and then we had the blood draw to see how your body is metabolizing it.  Most people do fine, but some people complain about nausea and dizziness from this test. 

It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, or how much you weigh before you get pregnant. Gestational diabetes doesn’t care. A lot of people think that they can prevent gestational diabetes with a healthy diet or by staying active, and some research shows that it very minimally impacts, but most research shows that pregnant folks have absolutely no control over whether or not they will get gestational diabetes. This is why it’s so important to take the test even if you don’t consider yourself high risk for diabetes When you are not pregnant. 

What is the Fresh Test?

The Fresh Test is an alternative to the standard issued glucola drinks. There’s no artificial flavors, no dyes, non-GMO. It’s light and refreshing, and tastes just like lemonade.

It comes as powder in a pouch, and has to be added to water. The person then has 5 minutes to drink it all (it took me less than one), and sits for one hour before blood is drawn to check the glucose levels.

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The Run-Around

Unfortunately the Fresh Test is not FDA regulated, yet. Also, since it comes in a powder and needs to be mixed in office, there’s wiggle room for error.

When I first saw the Fresh Test, probably before I was even pregnant, I knew I wanted it. But of course, I also knew it would have to be approved by my doctor and I would have to purchase it myself. This is mind, I was prepared upfront to be told that the Fresh Test was not an alternative option.

However, when I asked my midwife early on in my appointments, she told me it was ok. When the nurse reached out via MyChart to schedule the test, I double checked it was still permitted. After confirmation, I asked which glucose quantity was necessary before I purchased it. She advised the 50g, so I ordered it.

Imagine my surprise when I showed up to my appointment and was told they couldn’t use the Fresh Test. I reiterated that I had asked, and they even checked the messages. She tried saying that this specific office didn’t but the other office did. I reiterated that I had only ever been to that office. She checked up the line of command, and no one was willing to accept it. Instead, I was told to go to LabCorp.

Did I mention that my doctor’s office is across the water, and my appointment was at 8:30am? I also had to bring my Kiddo, who is not a morning person. Since I had originally been scheduled at the same office I had been going to, I didnt bring my license or insurance card. (Yes- I know I’m supposed to have my license with me if I’m driving. I have a digital copy in my phone. No cop has ever cared.)

The LabCorp in Newport News had a digital sign-in kiosk that required I scan the back of my license before I could even talk to anyone. Shoot.

We crossed the water and stopped home for my purse, before tapping the nearest LabCorp into the gps. When it rains, it pours. The location didn’t exist. There was an empty building.

This time I went onto the LabCorp website to find a location. There were none in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, but a few locations in Chesapeake or back over in Hampton. They didn’t, however, have any appointments available for that day or the next. I scheduled an appointment for the following Monday.

The Following Monday

By this point I am 28 weeks, which is the max for the 24-28 week window for the 1-hour glucose test. If I can’t get this Fresh Test, I will have to suck it up and drink the glucola. At this point it’s stubbornness and principle.

I showed up to the LabCorp right on time and checked in, with my doctor’s order in hand. Almost everyone in the waiting room is there for a pre-employment drug screening, except for a little boy who told his dad he wanted to beat me up. Actually, it might not have been his dad- they were there for a paternity test. (Sorry not sorry)

After another twenty minutes at the desk, as the lady tried to find the right code for the test I needed, I was finally brought into a little room. I told the I wanted to use the Fresh Test, which I provided, and no one on staff knew anything about it. Only after reading the partnership statement from the LapCorp website did they work some magic and make it work. She ended up finding two 8-oz bottles and measured with a sterile urine catch cup to make ten ounces of water, divided between two cups. Complete chaos.

But the Fresh Test was exactly what I expected- light, refreshing, and easy to take down. Towards the end, my tummy was slightly “hey we’re not thirsty anymore, wait a bit.” But that was exclusively because of chugging 10oz of liquid in a minute.

I waited for the hour in a cozy chair in a back room. To be honest, I could have taken a nap. I was slightly convinced that I was going to fail, because the sugar slump hit and man was I sluggish. Once they took my blood, I couldn’t wait to go get some real food.

The Results

Two days later, my results were in. My glucose was a very safe 100 mg. Alls well that ends well!

Note: this post is not sponsored. I purchased the Fresh Test out of pocket.


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