Elf Hiding Spots 2023

Tis the season for the Scout Elves! The tradition of scout elves has trickled into the homes of families across the globe, bringing extra holiday spirit before Christmas Day.

Sometimes the Scout Elves are there to remind kiddos to stay off the naughty list, while other times they are naughty themselves. They may bring surprises or friends, to being some holiday cheer into the home.

Our scout elf, Scarlet, arrives on December 1st! She’ll fly back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve (probably!).

Elf Arrival Day:

Scarlet the Elf arrived through the mail shoot, and brought her friend Snowball the Arctic Fox.

Day 2:

Sneaky Scarlet got right to work with her shenanigans, and played with the toothpaste in CA’s bathroom. It never hurts to have a reminder to brush your teeth!

Day 3:

This morning Scarlet the Elf wanted us to bake up some cookies! She brought a pack of easy sugar cookies (which we rolled in sprinkles of course).

Day 4:

How adorable is this gingerbread costume?! Scarlet the Elf dressed up as a gingerbread cookie to bring a gingerbread house craft kit.

Day 5:

Uh Oh… it looks like we have some bad eggs! Scarlet was up to her shenanigans again, apparently drawing faces on the eggs in the carton.

Day 6:

Another cute costume for a sweet treat! This time, Scarlet brought some hot cocoa spoons. These aren’t just regular hot cocoa though.. they’re magical hot cocoa! She also found CA’s Scout Elf mug that she brought last year.

Day 7:

On the first day of Hanukkah, Scarlet brought an Eight Days of Hanukkah crafts kit.

Day 9:

Scarlet the Elf had the perfect spot to hide when she brought an ornament crafting kit. Of course she would sit in the tree, where the ornaments will hang! We can’t wait to make the ornaments.

Day 10:

I guess hanging out in the tree wasn’t good enough relaxing, because Scarlet the Scout Elf spent the next day hanging out on a hammock in the bathroom.

Day 11:

Scarlett was back up to her naughty shenanigans, but with a sweet little twist. She made snow angels in the baking supplies!

Day 12:

I would think that if Scarlet was going to get locked up in candy cane jail, there would be more candy canes… oops. Usually we have candy canes on the tree, too, but we apparently aren’t living in candy cane land this year.

Day 13:

It looks like Scarlet the Scout Elf got herself into some trouble again. This time, she apparently tried to sleigh down the stairs in a toilet paper tube.

CA was convinced that Samara, the cat, is the reason Scarlet ended up halfway down the stairs. I tried to convince her that she had gotten herself into her own trouble, but CA felt the need to rescue her (being careful not to touch her directly) and relocated the toilet paper roll back to the top of the stairs and rested her on a shelf.

Day 14:

This morning, Scarlet the Scout Elf brought CA some magical elf milk. It had a few drops of almond extract (clear vanilla extract would have been even better), marshmallow fluff with sprinkles around the rim, and a drop of green. Edible glitter would have been amazing, but they were all out of glitter in the Workshop.

Day 15:

Since CA spends a lot of time sitting on the couch watching tv, especially when we watch holiday movies at night, Scarlet the Scout Elf thought that hanging out by the tv was a perfect spot to watch us.

Day 16:

Uh oh- more crazy Elf shenanigans. Last night, Scarlet the Scout Elf was playing those reindeer games and gave CA a red nose to make Rudolph envious. Then she hung out by the mirror to make sure she saw.

Day 17:

Look at Scarlet, just pippin’ in. I mean stopping in. Today Scarlet the Scout Elf brought from delicious gourmet popcorn for us to enjoy.

Day 18:

Of course a Scout Elf’s favorite book is going to be the Elf on the Shelf Christmas Tradition book. Scarlet cozied up with a book today.

Day 19

Kiddo was discouraged that there werent any presents under the tree for her (yet) so Scarlet the Scout Elf knew what she had to do. She put on an outfit made from wrapping paper, and a hat as as well. The best gift of all is holiday cheer.

Day 20

Scarlet the Elf is hanging out behind the Christmas Tree, and brought another gift. This time she brought a mini “diamond painting” style craft kit, that is technically gift tags but we will definitely be hanging them in the tree as ornaments.

Day 21

Since today is the last day of dance class before the holiday break, Scarlet found her dance tutu and decided to sit in a jazz shoe. It’s not like CA wears her dance shoes in class anyway; she usually just goes barefoot.

Day 22

Today we are going on a roadtrip to visit Gigi and Poppy (a 13+ hour drive), then CA is headed to her Dad’s house. Scarlet decided to come with us to Gigi’s house, so put herself in a magic proof Elf Transport Container. CA asked if Santa would know that Scarlet isn’t going to fly back for he North Pole tonight.


This blogpost will continue to be updated throughout the holiday season.


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