Pregnancy Story: 30 Week Update

We are officially two thirds of the way to the finish line! My bumpie this week was supposed to be something about being 30 weeks, with 20 thousand things left to do, and 10 weeks left to go. But instead I had to joke about playing catchup because I made last weeks board and never found time to snap a picture. 

Baby is about 15 inches long right now, and weighs about 3lbs. Supposedly she’s the size of a garden gnome, or a head of cabbage, or a kid’s helmet. She’s supposed to double in size this trimester, which I already feel huge so we’ll see how that goes. 


This baby has been moving so much. I can feel her stretching, and I’ll feel and see her pushing out on two sides at the same time. I wonder if that means she’s gunna be tall, or if she’s just trying to find more space. I’ve never been a fan of the big movement, it feels very alien dystopian to me, so it makes me a little nauseous when I feel it. I also am not a big fan of the sharp little jabs of her hands or elbows. Those are the worst. 

We bought a new belly band, because I had one and it went missing. They’re $12 at Target so not the end of the world but also it’s frustrating because I know I bought one. The pulling was driving me absolutely insane, especially here in my sides. This belly band is the kind I have to step into or pull over my head, which isn’t my favorite. Last time I had one that I wrapped, and it was so much more convenient. 

I read somewhere that belly bands are bad because they weaken the muscles that hold up your belly, since they’re not working as hard. But flip side, I read somewhere else that they can keep baby in tighter so they’re more likely to drop correctly into the canal. Who knows which blog post or article was correct or has more impact, but I will continue to wear the belly band whenever i go out because it hurts to exist and walk without it. 


It feels like the first trimester again with how much I am lately, but at the same time I’ve been struggling to sleep. I find myself waking up often, sometimes to pee and other times for no apparent reason. Or sometimes I find myself hearing noises, like talking in my room, which doesn’t make sense because why would my house be haunted. I am having incredibly vivid dreams. And I still can’t breathe. 

For no apparent reason, I’ve reset my morning routine again. Kiddo has school at 9, which is really late, so I had previously started waking up at 7:15 to give myself a good hour for myself to drink coffee and some morning tidying. However, as of this past week, I’ve been waking up around 6:30, which is completely uncharacteristic of my Taurus night owl self. Ryan is up at 4am, and I think that’s impacting slightly since I don’t find myself falling back into a deep sleep after he leaves. 

The worst part about sleeping has been feeling comfortable. I have such a difficult time turning from side to side. Ryan bought a Frida Mom pillow, but I’ve been afraid to open it because it doesn’t seem like what I need. I’m going to return it and get one on Amazon that I think will better wedge me into a comfortable position. 


I wish we were having a baby shower, since I didn’t have a proper baby shower with my first and I was hoping this time around would be different. But things are even more digital than they were the first time. Living in a different stage from literally everyone isn’t easy. Thankfully, online baby registries make it super convenient. We set up an Amazon registry and a Target registry, and then Amazon sent us a free baby box with samples. 

So far we have a bunch of the essentials. We have the infant car seat and an extra base, with the infant stroller that it clicks into. We also have a second stroller that can switch between the bassinet peak and convert into a long term toddler stroller. 

We also have tons of clothes. Originally we stashed up with some secondhand newborn onsies from  Once Upon a Child, but we slowly started adding new items in more sizes. Ryan can’t help himself, and buys an outfit every time he goes to a store. 

I still need to order the breast pump. This is something that is new from last time, when I had to buy a pump. I don’t plan on pumping much, but I definitely want to have one on hand so I’m able to pump when I choose. I still have no idea which one to get, because they’re so different than before. I swear there was like four different ones available. Now there are dozens, and I have no idea.

Started to make my hospital bag LIST. I don’t actually have a hospital bag yet, so i need the actual bag and a diaper bag. I probably won’t pack it until 38-39 weeks, assuming I’ll last that long. 


I’m not quite nesting, but really frustrated with mess and clutter. I’d love to get into nesting, but we have to get into a new house first. This house is not big enough for our little family of three, let alone big enough to bring a baby home. Could we turn our spare bedroom into a nursery? Probably. But then where would we put the gaming computer and mini fridge and all of the plastic totes filled with craft supplies? 

Buying a House

On that note, we’re starting the house buying process. We’ve been so unhappy in this little tiny house lately. It was exactly what we needed at the time, when we moved into off-base housing. But now that we’re growing, it’s hard to see us here long term. Plus, if you know how military housing works, they take your entire BAH. For non-military folk, BAH is a housing allowance. Between Ryan getting a promotion, and also the new year, his BAH raised pretty significantly. The housing company still takes all of it, but the house we’re in stays exactly the same. It’s frustrating because the house we’re in now isn’t worth that. 


We’re moving into every other week appointments now. I have been going to group appointments each month and they’re always on Wednesday. When I first signed up for the group care, I got every single appointment until my due date, and I put them all on my phone calendar automatically. I didn’t manually input them- I clicked “add to phone calendar”  so i should have had it all correct. Then I got there and no one was there… I checked MyChart, and it’s Monday. Which is actually my 31 week mark. After that it goes back to Wednesdays. I’m just annoyed because I drove all the way out there for nothing. 


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