Pregnancy Story: Telling Our Families

Of course we had to tell Lil Mama first. It was only fair since she had been asking for a sibling for half her life, that she be the first to find out.

I wish we had done something more creative, but my creative juice wasn’t flowing yet.

Telling Our Parents

We planned two separate letter board announcements for each family group chat. That way everyone would feel special in their own way.

Ryan’s Parents

Since Ryan’s parents already have a small gaggle of granddaughters, we wanted to play on that abundance. We opted for One More to Adore. I’m not a fan of displaying pregnancy tests in the announcements, it grosses me out, but I ended up including it to ensure the board was obvious.

My Parents

A fun fact about my mother is that she is a canvas hoarder of her grands. CA is the first grand baby, so naturally there are the most of her (by maybe one). Whenever we visit, CA will count the canvas pictures of her on the wall and compare them to the number of her cousins. She makes it very clear that Gigi should never have more pictures of Cousin A and Cousin Z than Gigi has of her.

The wall is completely full.

The letter board option for my parents was to play off of their very full canvas wall. At this point, she will quite literally need to wrap around to the next hallway.

Telling my Sister

Truth be told, we didn’t type up a letter board for my sister. We video called her like the millennials we are (meaning I gave the phone to CA and stayed out of frame). CA told Cousin A, and my sister overheard and told her husband. Cousin Z didn’t quite understand yet, but hopefully he gets more excited whenever we see him in person.

Telling Ryan’s Siblings

Like I mentioned above, there are already a handful of kidlets running around on his side (in contrast to my two nibblings). Ryan had established early on that he is the Favorite Uncle to all of them. To tell his siblings, Ryan sent a group chat just to his siblings that said the favorite uncle is being promote is to dad

They were excited for him, as he is now the last sibling to bring new spawn into the family. His younger sister, a newlywed, intends on having more, so our future Little One won’t be the last grand on that side. (It will definitely be my last, and my sister will probably not be having more either).


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